Meet Mohammad Ismail Madridi - The Hot Chocolate Specialist

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Meet Mohammad Ismail Madridi - The Hot Chocolate Specialist
Meet Mohammad Ismail Madridi - The Hot Chocolate Specialist

New Delhi : Do you know how the best works are happening across the globe? It’s not only by hard work and determination but also by enough amount of passion and your interest in your work. Everyone wants to grow in their life and they do put all the effort to be their best but a few become successful at it. Why? The only thing that makes you stand out from the crowd is your love for the work you do. Everyone works to earn a living, very few works to fulfil their dreams. 

One such person is Mohammad Madridi who took birth in Dubai on 5th August 1987.  Despite all the hardships he never stopped dreaming. He always wanted to do something close to his heart. He was fond of chocolates right from the start. So he started his first shop of chocolate drinks. But he had no idea of how to prepare drinks and recipes. He chose to start from zero but did not give up. 

Slowly, he discovered his passion for it, and by practising it over time he gained the title of ’’the chocolate specialist’’. Now he runs his own brand ‘’Dark Shot’’ in Dubai and serves delicious flavours of chocolate. Whenever he travels, he always explores new varieties of chocolates and gains knowledge about them. He never stops learning and believing in himself. This attitude of Madridi never fails him to be the version of himself.  

He often tries different recipes with chocolate. When he comes up with a unique and flavourable idea, he shares it with his customers. He loves to hear their experiences with his new recipes and to amuse them with his delicious ideas. The quick feedback he gets from his customers boosts him to carry out his work with even more dedication and enthusiasm. 

No matter what, he never compromises on quality. He serves his customers with the best and fresh chocolate drinks. This is what makes him rank higher than others. He believes, the dream he started working on when he had nothing now when has gained a lot makes him even more devoted and fervent towards it.