Alcohol makes pre-menstrual syndrome worse, finds study

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Alcohol makes pre-menstrual syndrome worse, finds study
Alcohol makes pre-menstrual syndrome worse, finds study

New Delhi : Alcohol is amongst things that is responsible for making pre-menstrual syndrome worse, researchers find in a new study.

Women who are heavy drinkers or consume alcohol in large quantity are more prone to increased risk of PMS.

“Together with other researchers, we believe that alcohol increases PMS risk by altering the level of hormones, such as gonadotropin, during the menstrual cycle,” Dr Bahi Takkouche, the study’s senior author, told Reuters Health by email.

The study has been published in the journal BMJ Open. Date collected from over 19 studies, it has been learned that alcohol intake was associated with a ‘moderate’ increase in the risk of PMS.

Up to 40% of women in the US have at least moderate PMS, while rates in global studies have ranged from 10-98%, Takkouche and colleagues noted.

Drinkers were 45% more likely to suffer symptoms than non-drinkers. This rose to 79% for heavy drinkers.

While there is still no proven formula to relieve menstrual pain but here are some measures that can help in reducing the traumatic pain:

1. Drink tea (with low levels of caffeine).

2. Have lots of water.

3. Make ginger your BFF.

4. Heat relieves pain.

5. Say no to coffee.

6. Avoid fatty food, have bananas.

7. Have an orgasm.

8. Try these simple cinnamon-infused recipes.