All you need is tight slaps to get skin glowing

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All you need is tight slaps to get skin glowing (Representational image)
All you need is tight slaps to get skin glowing (Representational image)

New Delhi : People spend thousands of bucks to get their skin glowing but mostly the results come out disappointing. Here is a remedy that is free of cost and seems to be working for many people.

Instead of spending huge money in beauty parlour, all you need is tight slaps. Yes, you read it right. Tight slaps are home remedies to get skin glowing without spending even a single penny.

Go ahead and smack your face a little to shrink your pores, reduce appearance of wrinkles, and get pearl-like glowing complexion. 

Now, before you think News Heads team has gone mad and writing this article, we must tell you that face-slapping treatment is actually a Korean technique that aids in absorbing skincare products more efficiently and does wonders for dry skin.

Still don't believe us? Let us quote a report published in Bustle which states, "Face-slapping facial technique, in measured doses, increases circulations, unblocks energy, and is a stimulating, anti-aging practice meant to improve skin and make it look younger."

"Chopping motion along the energy lines helps in relaxing the muscles and opening the energy lines. These energy lines, in Thai medicine are known as 'sen'. Not to mention, it also helps with micro-circulation, keeping the skin firm and toned. You can use the technique after cleansing versus a towel as it leaves skin plumped and a perfect canvas for applying skincare," says Gam Pukkalanun, massage therapist, Los Angeles in an interview to ABC News.

If are interested in trying this at home, then Marie Claire has some useful tips to offer. "To slap your moisturizers and serum into place, start by using the finger tips to gently and briskly pat the skin in an upwards and circular motion. It may sound loud, but you actually shouldn't be using too much pressure," states a report published in the magazine.

So what’s stopping you? Go ahead and start slapping yourself or help your dear ones in getting a glowing skin.

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