Benefits of adding fermented food to your diet

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Benefits of adding fermented food to your diet (Image: Pixabay)
Benefits of adding fermented food to your diet (Image: Pixabay)

New Delhi : It is known that a good gut can lead to a good healthy body and mind. One can develop a good gut by making some dietary changes like ensuring an adequate dose of probiotics in your diet.

According to food experts, fermented foods are among the best ways to keep the gut in good shape. From kimchi to kombucha — these foods are packed with essential probiotic bacteria that is good for your overall well-being.

Check out a guide for fermented food shared by nutritionist Dr Uma Naidoo on social media.

"Fermented foods are produced by culturing ingredients, often over days or weeks, to break down the organic molecules in our food via enzyme activity. They are one of the most essential parts of good gut and brain health because they contain probiotics. Our gut houses about 100 trillion bacteria and the balance of good and bad bacteria determines how our gut impacts the rest of our body," she wrote in her social media post.

The nutritionist added, "Probiotics are the good guys that we get from fermented foods such as kimchi, yoghurt and kefir. They can also be found in supplement form but the live form in food is more ideal."

What are prebiotics or probiotics?

“Prebiotics are a form of dietary fibre that acts as food for gut microbes, enabling their optimal function whilst inside the digestive tract, They have also been shown to modulate GI function, promote immunity, and even decrease symptoms of anxiety and depressions,” she explained.

Some of the prebiotics include asparagus, garlic, apples and oats.

How fermented food affects your mood?

Dr Naidoo explained that they are rich in microorganisms that naturally inhabit the human gastrointestinal tract. "These microbes keep our gut health, promote healthy digestion, and even produce neurotransmitters that govern mood, just like the brain."

"Eating a diet full of a diverse range of microorganisms will allow your gut to promote healthy digestion," according to the nutritionist.