Better mental health comes near sea: Study

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Better mental health comes near sea: Study
Better mental health comes near sea: Study

New Delhi : Staying near sea can give you a better mental health, claimed a study. The research, published in the journal Health & Place, has found that people living near to England’s coastline had better mental health than the ones from lower rungs in the income hierarchy.

Lead author of the study Jo Garrett from University of Exeter, UK, said, "Our research suggests, for the first time, that people in poorer households living close to the coast experience fewer symptoms of mental health disorders. When it comes to mental health, this 'protective' zone could play a useful role in helping to level the playing field between those on high and low income.”

The study was performed over 26,000 people, showing how accurate could be the results of the study. The data was used from the Health Survey for England, considering people living at a distance of one km away to more than 50 km away. Their mental and physical health was studied in connection to proximity of sea.

People living near the sea or blue spaces were found to have better mental health as compared to the ones living further.