Drinking alcohol can make you racist, says study

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Drinking alcohol can make you racist, says study
Drinking alcohol can make you racist, says study

New Delhi : Alcohol may affect your body in many ways; according to a recent study a strange effect of alcohol on mind has been revealed by the researchers.

As per results of the study, the alcohol can make people more racist and prejudiced towards homosexuals. It also suggested that hate crimes were more in case of alcohol influence.

It found that out of 124 people, 18.5% had been attacked by prejudice and that alcohol was to blame for 90% of the cases.

Professor Jonathan Shepherd, lead author of this study and the director of the Cardiff University Crime and Security Research Institute revealed a shocking aspect of these results.

He claimed that most of the attacks were due to anger with alcohol playing the trigger part. He suggested that controlling alcohol abuse will not only be good for human health but will also benefit society. 

The Cardiff University Survey was carried out in three places home to a multicultural, multi-religion and multi-ethnic populous, namely Cardiff, Blackburn and Leicester. Of the 23 people claiming that attack on them was prejudiced, five said it was due to the racial discrimination in their society, seven felt that their appearance was the primary motive. Three people said that their residence was to be blamed and eight said that theirs was attributed to religion, sexual orientation and race.