Exercise during pregnancy reduces labour time: Study

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Exercise during pregnancy reduces labour time: Study
Exercise during pregnancy reduces labour time: Study

New Delhi : Pregnancy brings loads of joy and happiness in a women’s life. During this time, she is super-motivated to make healthy and ever-lasting changes in her life. It is those period which calls for the caring of both the pregnant women and a life which is growing in her womb. A new study suggests, exercise is the way to stay healthy thereby reducing the painful labour time.

A study made by the Technical University of Madrid and quoted by The Independent came up with the discoveries that work out can determine the time an expectant mothers spend in labour room.

The team of researchers, led by Professor Ruben Barakat, took 508 healthy women by randomly assigning them into two groups. Accordingly, 253 women were put in the control group, while 255 women were positioned in the exercise group.

Participants in the exercise group were given a sensible aerobic exercise programme throughout their pregnancies, which they continued during three weekly sessions.

The researchers then observed a number of factors while each woman gave birth, including the duration of each stage of labour, the mode of delivery, maternal weight gain, use of an epidural and the weight of the baby.

Interestingly they concluded that the expecting mothers who were active in aerobic workouts during their pregnancies were more likely to spend less time in labour than those pregnant women who hadn't.

Moreover, the women in the exercise group were also less likely to make use of an epidural generally suggested by doctors during childbirth.

In addition, most mothers in the control group gave birth to child with neonate macrosomia, which means a newborn is significantly larger than average.

The study also suggested that while work-out make easy to strengthen the whole body of a mother during pregnancy and even after baby-birth it also helps in cutting excessive fat and getting back to attractive shape after delivery. 

So, expecting mother, go consult your gynaecologist and get set for a routine exercise designed for pregnant women. You‘re sure to appreciate your decision of exercising in the days to come!