Five yoga poses to keep you hair healthy and shiny

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Five yoga poses to keep you hair healthy and shiny (Photo by Radu Florin on Unsplash)
Five yoga poses to keep you hair healthy and shiny (Photo by Radu Florin on Unsplash)

New Delhi : At a time when keeping good health is everyone's priority, your physical appearance says a lot about your good health and to enhance your look, hairs play a vital role. Dull unhealthy hairs are a sign of lack of nutrition in the body. A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle must be included to keep your hair healthy.

To maintain good health most of the people have chosen Yoga over various options. In a report by, Himalayan Siddha, Grand Master Akshar shares his inputs over yoga poses which can help you in maintaining good health of your hairs.

Padahastasana– Stand straight, inhale and slowly lift your hand above your head. Now exhale and try to touch the floor. If you flexible enough you can touch your nose to your knees otherwise do till your body allows you to bend. Be in the posture for few seconds and gradually come up with an inhale.

Padangustasana– is similar to the above pose but in this pose, one has to hold the big toes with your fingers. You exhale and bend and hold the big toe. Try to touch the nose to your knees. Be in the posture for few counts, exhale and come up. The above two poses allow the blood to flow to your brain which helps in nourishing the root hair.

Vajraasan or thunderbolt pose-It is a simple yet powerful asana. You sit on your knees giving pressure to the calf muscles. The toes just touch each other, and you rest on your heels. Hands are kept straight on the knees. Inhale and exhale both happen in the pose. Try to sit as long as possible in the pose. Vajrasana has a direct impact on the stomach and aids in digestion. So, taking care of digestion resolves many health issues. This pose can be practiced after meals. Caution for those with a knee injury should avoid this asana.

Balaasana or child pose– For this pose first come in vajra asana. Exhale and drop down your head with your forehead touching the floor. Extend your arms in front. Stay for few counts. Inhale and come back. This pose relaxes you and also allows blood to flow towards the brain. Circulation of blood flow to the brain ensures nourishment to the root hair thereby promoting hair growth.

Matsyaasna or fish pose-Lie down on your back with hands by your side. Inhale and lift your head such that the crown touches the floor. Stay for few counts, exhale and come out. Matysaasana also allows blood flow to the brain improving blood circulation and providing nourishment to the root hair. A stressful life also becomes a major reason for problems related to hair.

So what are you waiting for? Go and try these yoga poses and build good hair.