Forget period taboos with menstrual cups- the new liberty for you and me!

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Menstrual cups
Menstrual cups

Los Angeles : Women sinces ages have been trying to find out ways and opt for measures to make their period-time easy and smiling.

In India, several households still depend on sanitary pads and fluffed cotton undergarments but there is a new way out only if you are ready to give it a try.

Yes, we now present to you menstrual cups that can reduce your worry and make you smile on those days of the month.

They are easy and so much easy that the moment you start using a menstrual cup, your relationship with your period changes.

Swapping from pads and tampons to a cup is possibly the most liberating thing you can do in the current generation.

Let us take a look at its merits and demerits

  • Periods become less taboo and you realise how much money you wasted on disposable sanitary products.
  • They are expensive at purchase but can be used repeatedly for over 4 years if used properly. Also, you’ve already made a saving by your fifth month.
  • You start to understand your cycle more as you know how much blood actually comes out during your period
  • Cups cannot disappear into your uterus unlike tampons. All you have to do is have a pee to relax your muscles and then pull it out. It won’t slip out or move back in. The stem will naturally move further down.
  • Shoving your fingers deep inside yourself will seem like no big deal. You just need to fold the cup in four and then push up the canal as far as your index finger can go, then leave it – it’ll find its place naturally.
  • Yes, if you’ve got a heavy flow or you just can’t be bothered to empty it often, then prepare for leakage. Saying that, you’ll be surprised at how many hours you can go without emptying it
  • They say it can stay for 12 hours nicely but it would be better if you take it out every eight hours to prevent any leakage.
  • Initially you will have a little difficulty in trying to understand the procedure but in 2-3 months you will be a pro.
  • It also means that you don’t have to go through the whole taking-bag-into-toilet-at-work-to-hide-my-tampons debacle at work.
  • Yes, boiling the cup can be a task and if you’re housesharing then there’ll be that awkward moment when they catch you boiling your cup on stove or in microwave.

Trust me cups are amazing and you should try it!