Get lean and fit through the fitness tips offered by Aanchal Chugh

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Image: Aanchal Chugh
Image: Aanchal Chugh

New Delhi : The coronavirus pandemic shook the world completely. It forced businesses and individuals to adapt to the remote working style commonly hailed as 'Work from home.' While it benefitted both the employers and employees in several ways, one thing suffered the most – a person's health and fitness. People began spending hours in front of computer screens, eating and not moving their bodies at all. It resulted in obesity and invited several health issues. As a result, to help people become lean and fit, fitness experts such as Aanchal Chugh took the responsibility to guide people towards a healthy way of living life. 

Aanchal Chugh is originally a fashion designer by profession and is a passionate nutritionist, certified fitness expert, and yoga trainer. She completed her secondary education from St. Mary's Senior Secondary School and holds a degree from Pacific Institute of Fashion Technology in Udaipur. While many people feel depressed when they get bullied or body-shamed, Aanchal uses such experiences to get motivated to follow a healthy lifestyle. She started pursuing yoga and fitness and soon became lean and fit. Apart from herself, she also involved her entire family which consisted of her father Mr. Harish Chugh, mother Mrs. Reshma Chugh and her husband Hitesh khubchandani in her journey to get fit.

Aanchal has completed a certification course called ‘Yoga 200 YTT’ from World Peace Yoga, Rishikesh, and a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist Course from Mission India Fitness Institute (GMSA). From a very young age, Aanchal social interactions due to her morbid obesity made her well aware of the negative impact it can have on one's mind and body. Through her Instagram page, Aanchal offers simple and easy fitness routines that anyone willing can adopt to lead a healthy lifestyle. Her goal is simple - to craft her Instagram feed as a treat for fitness enthusiasts. Owing to her passion towards her work, she has managed to carve a name for herself in the fitness industry by offering effective fitness regimes. Through her videos and live classes, she offers golden tips to follow a healthy diet and a fitness plan involving yoga, strength training, meditation, and cardio exercises.

When the pandemic began, Aanchal started conducting online training programs on Instagram for free. As people realized the importance of fitness and the benefits that Aanchal had to offer through her programs, they started to attend more of her programs in large numbers. As a result, she gained more than 250,000 Instagram followers in 6 months via herself-crafted and effective 21 days free fitness program. Aanchal started her journey on social media by focusing on a defined target group, building compelling market strategies, and brand engagement activities. 

Today, Aanchal is listed amongst one of the most trusted fitness coaches in the online fitness field in the world. She righteously used the social media platform to educate people about the importance of fitness in their life and has managed to get over 10,000+ participants from India, Pakistan, the USA, Malaysia, and Canada in her training sessions. She has smartly created a business for herself while offering tips and training to remain fit via Instagram. Though she has been successful in getting massive followership on the platform, she still believes that there is a lot to achieve and that's why she never lets her focus drift away from her work.