New tech to study microbes in patients- Study Reveals

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New Delhi : While health experts and researchers keep on inventing new technology for the well being of human beings, this time they have come up with a new technology to study gut microbes. Yes!  A new study reveals that artificial intelligence can be used to study gut microbes in patients. The new study mentioned that artificial intelligence tools, such as machine learning algorithms, have the potential for building predictive models for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases linked to imbalances in gut microbial communities, or microbiota.

The study aimed mainly on patients with cancer, who often undergo treatments that can cause deep alterations in the gut microbiota and possibly donate the development of complications.

Experts have come up with a few dos and don’ts of chemotherapy.

Since human microbiome is a budding field of science and the application of artificial intelligence in medicine is new, therefore, it is important to consider ethical, legal, and social issues concurrently with technical refinements required for applying these technologies to the clinic.

J. Luis Espinoza, author of the study says ‘Artificial intelligence algorithms have the potential to change the everyday medical practices and offer the prospect of identifying new associations not yet detected by humans, which will be very useful for better understanding the complexity of the human microbiota,’. His study also included the affect of gut bacteria on weight and health too. The research study and its findings has been published in the Journal of Internal Medicine.