Nilavembu Kudineer safe to treat Dengue: National Institute of Siddha (NIS)

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Nilavembu Kudineer safe to treat Dengue: National Institute of Siddha (NIS)
Nilavembu Kudineer safe to treat Dengue: National Institute of Siddha (NIS)

New Delhi : Nilavembu Kudineer is safe in nature and can be used for the treatment of Dengue and other viral fevers, claimed the National Institute of Siddha (NIS) functioning under the Union Ayush ministry. 

According to a report by Deccan Chronical, the institute is also planning to take up a full-fledged study for global reach of this traditional medicine.

"The nilavembu kudineer, now used for the prevention and management of dengue fever has been explained in the Siddha literatures several centuries ago. There are many research papers on nilavembu kudineer for the treatment and prevention of dengue and other viral diseases. Based on the research studies conducted by our National Institute of Siddha, 70 per cent prevention has been proven against dengue and other viral fever cases by intake of nilavembu kudineer for 5 days. It was used also to control and prevent the outbreak of chikungunya in Tamil Nadu, a few years back," the report quotes Prof Dr. V. Banumathi, director, NIS.

This is the first time NIS has come out in open claiming treatment of Dengue with Nilavembu Kudineer.

“Nilavembu kudineer is safe and effective for dengue,” Prof Banumathi said.

Global Reach of medicine:

“Our director has plans to take up a full-fledged study as part of a national level programme so as to include this herbal concoction for treatment of dengue and viral fevers in India, besides help the global community understand and treat the people effectively,” says Dr N. J. Muthukumar, superintendent of Ayothidoss Pandither Hospital, NIS. 

Researchers divided over usage of Nilavembu kudineer

Meanwhile, there are some researchers who have registered their disagreement over the usage of Nilavembu kudineer. They say there is a need to conduct medical trials to prove the efficacy of nilavembu kudineer in treating dengue.

“Kerala has more cases of dengue than us, why hasn’t its government distributed it officially? And why is no corporate hospital in our State distributing it and why hasn’t WHO mentioned the use of nilavembu in their dengue treatment guidelines?” The Hindu quoted Sumanth Raman, medical practitioner.