Teen girls more vulnerable to bullying: Study

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Teen girls more vulnerable to bullying: Study
Teen girls more vulnerable to bullying: Study

New Delhi : Teen girls are more often bullied than the boys and are also more vulnerable, resulting in thinking of attempting a suicide.

"Bullying is significantly associated with depressive symptoms, suicidal ideation, suicide planning, and suicide attempts. We wanted to look at this link between bullying victimisation, depressive symptoms, and suicidality by gender,” wrote one of the researchers, Nancy Pontes, in the study published in the Journal of Nursing Research.

The report mentioned that girls get bullied more than boys in general and are likely to consider, plan or attempt suicide compared with boys. Although, the number of suicides among boys is more than the girls for any reason.

Researchers found the effects of bullying are significantly higher in females than males on every measure of psychological distress or suicidal thoughts and actions.

Among females, the bullying is often the kind that’s not visible. It’s often relational bullying, such as excluding someone from activities and social circles or spreading rumours about them.

The researchers advised parents to make a decision at right time and teach their kids about bullying as unacceptable.

They said, ‘Everyone gets bullied. You have to buck up. Stand up for yourself."