These common symptoms could indicate stomach cancer

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New Delhi : Stomach cancer, normally, does not come with common symptoms. But, sometimes it can be dangerous because a few early symptoms feel like common, daily affair. In this article, we will mention some very common symptoms which can also indicate that you are at the risk of stomach cancer. If you're experiencing any of these then, it's time to check in with a gastroenterologist.

  • Blood in stool

Though, blood in stool can be a sign of stomach cancer, it's also related to other physical conditions which aren't linked to cancer. However, you cannot take chance at the expense of your health. Sometimes, blood is likely related to inflammation caused by cancer, and tends to show up in more advanced stages of the disease. It is always better to see a doctor before you come up with a final conclusion.

  • Stomach pain most of the time

Allyson Ocean, M.D., a gastrointestinal oncologist at Weill Cornell Medicine and New York Presbyterian says that  when patients complain of abdominal pain, they’re usually talking about epigastric pain, which refers to the area right under the bottom center of your ribs. Sometimes, pain in particular area could be caused by the growth of a cancerous mass. Though, most stomach pain is related to things like indigestion, diverticulitis, and even kidney stones. In case you suffer from constant pain, then go ahead and fix and appointment with your doctor.

  • Don't feel like eating anything

If you find that you don't really have an appetite despite of your foodie nature, then it's a good idea to check out a GI doctor. It’s true that ulcers can cause loss of appetite, but ulcers are also a risk factor for stomach cancer.

  • Hearttburn

Some people complain about heartburn and this may be a sign of peptic ulcer, which means they have more acid in their stomach, which puts them at a higher risk for stomach cancer, says Ocean. If no antacid is working to heal the problem, then get yourself checked out by a physician.

  • Weight loss without workout

Weight loss and loss of appetite may be linked with each other. But, it can also independently be a warning sign of disease, says Ocean-and it's usually one of the first signs that most people ignore; especially in a disease like stomach cancer that may not have other noticeable symptoms.