Two possibilities how coronavirus pandemic will come to an end

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Coronavirus (Image: Twitter)
Coronavirus (Image: Twitter)

New Delhi : Months have passed and the nations across the world are still struggling to find a way to come out of the coronavirus pandemic which has hampered a lot of economies. As of now more than 3 crore people have been infected by the coronavirus across the world.

Coronavirus was first reported in China's Wuhan as a pneumonia-like illness in December 2019, later it was spread to 213 nations. The scientists and researchers are working day and night these days to make a vaccine which could be used to cure coronavirus. Meanwhile, one question which is going in everyone's mind is that how will this coronavirus pandemic will end?

There is no exact answer for this particular question but an influenced answer can be derived on the basis of pandemics and plagued in history. Theoretically, there are two scenarios which may explain the end of coronavirus.

The first one being a medical ending and the other option is the social ending. In medical ending, a safe vaccine will be developed and it will help people in recovering from it.

As of now, more than 165 vaccine candidates are currently in different stages of preclinical and clinical trials and more than 33 of them have reached the critical last leg of human trials. The good news is that even if the vaccine is not completely effective (given the accelerated timeline of its development), it will still be effective in controlling the spread of the pandemic.

The other ending of the pandemic, as observed in the case of the world's deadliest pandemics, the Spanish Flu, could be the social ending. The deadly pandemic which infected 500 million people across the world and wiped out 1 per cent of the world’s population at that time, ended after two long years when people gained immunity against the virus.

In such scenario, most people get tired of being in restrictions and start moving out on their own risk of getting infected to create herd immunity.

When people go back to business as usual, more and more people will get infected from the disease and develop immunity against the virus. However, herd immunity and the social ending may come at a price which will be beyond our comprehension.