Why children with four legs are born: Disease or defect

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A child born with four legs and four hands (Representational Image)
A child born with four legs and four hands (Representational Image)

New Delhi : Recently, in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh a child was born with four legs and two penis but could survive with the abnormal features and died two days after the birth. The sad incident spread like wild fire and media went to dig out the reason behind such abnormal birth of babies.

The child with four legs and two penis took birth on September 15 in a government hospital in Sehjnava village of Gorakhpur. A woman living in the neighborhood of this family said that the baby had died two days after birth.

She says, "There were two penis with four feet of the child, due to which the child was unable to survive. Besides, there was no place for discharge in the body."

Family said that Sonography report before delivery mentioned all normal. Now, the big question raised that where it’s a disease or something else.

In India, people have different reason behind such children. Some regards them as miracle, some connect with superstitious beliefs and some take it as a disease.

Doctor Kapil alumnus of Max Hospital's pediatrician says that the birth of such children is not a surprise.

Actually, this whole affair is connected to twins. Many problems can arise after two eggs fertilizes in the mother's womb, due to which twins cannot be fully developed in the womb.

Doctor students explain their point to something like this.

"In such cases, as much of the egg is not connected to the part of the egg, the other part develops and becomes part of the body. That means, if an egg is not completely divided into two parts, then when the baby is born its body and limbs may be connected. "

They say, "If the egg is completely divided into two parts in the womb, then the children will be twins. And if the eggs are not completely divided then two types of twins can be born."

Dr. P Dharmendra, pediatrician of Max Hospital, points out that the child born in Gorakhpur is an example of 'Paracetic Twin'.

Explaining in simple words, Dr. Dharmendra says, "Twins were supposed to be children, but they were not fully developed for some reason and only a small part of their body was developed so that if not completely developed, only one child Became part of it. "

Likewise, conjoined twins are such children who develop but some part or part of their body is connected.

In both cases, children can be separated by operating.

Doctor Dharmendra says that if the lower part of the body of the child is connected then it can be separated from the operation.

If the spinal cord is connected then it can be difficult to separate, because the child’s genital organ may not work 

If such a child is in the womb of a mother, then it may be detected and if parents wish they could get abortion.

Doctor mentions that sonography of four or five months of pregnancy indicates the condition of the child.

Dr. Dharmendra also points out that in such cases another method is adopted.

He says, "If there is more than one child in the womb of pregnant woman and one is developing right and the rest cannot be done inject by them, so that the child who is developing properly, If this is not done then the nutrition of the mother is divided among those children and one child can not develop properly. "

Pediatrician Dr P Dharmendra believes that the cases of twins have been exposed due to IVF (In vitro fertilization).

They say, "When using IVF, more than one egg reaches the body of the woman, causing the cases of twins increased, i.e. the number of eggs that are likely to be the child."

IVF is a modern technique through which the enzymes and sperm are mixed within a test tube in the laboratory. After this, the embryo made from it is implanted in the mother's womb.