A person experiences joy as per his intellect: National Saint Shri Vasanth Vijay

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A person experiences joy as per his intellect: National Saint Shri Vasanth Vijay
A person experiences joy as per his intellect: National Saint Shri Vasanth Vijay

New Delhi : Saint Vasanth Vijay ji , the head of Shree Krishnagiri Parshwa Padmavathi Shaktipeet in Tamil Nadu, stated that joy is experienced according to one's intellect. Some find joy through meditation, while others through worship. All deities manifest from the same divine source, and arguing over them is not apt. Regarding offerings, meals, and food, Gurudev explained that while food is available in hotels, meals are prepared by the Divine Mother. Regular food might disrupt digestion, meals improve the body, and prasad uplifts the soul. The ongoing three-time BHANDARA at the Shiva temple isn't for the poor; it's a divine gaze from Lord Bholenath, a form of prasad. Even the wealthiest of billionaires, when partaking in this feast, will undoubtedly receive spiritual illumination. Sant Shri Vasanth Vijay Ji is conducting a 55-day Shiva Mahapurana event, Yagna, and an unbroken series of Rudrabhishek celebrations in front of the Chhatarpur Temple, where devotees were savoring the essence of Shiva's stories in the event held in 2023. 

In front of Chhatarpur Temple, the 55-day Shiva Mahapurana event, Yagna, and continuous Rudrabhishek festival held in 2023, are witnessing thousands of people partaking in  BHANDARA during the morning, afternoon, and evening daily. People stand in long queues, awaiting their turn. Since the start of the festival on August 11th, millions had the honour and privilege of getting prasad from  BHANDARA . Those arriving at the bhandara express that they have neither tasted nor witnessed such a divine prasad ever before.

Happiness doesn't solely come from wealth; for that, you need to possess values within you, as it's through values that joy enters life. Wealth can bring you comforts, but a peaceful sleep can only be bestowed by the Divine. With wealth, you can buy 56 bhog, but whether you enjoy something sweet or a tasteless dish, only the Divine can determine that. In life, receiving the grace of the Divine is a rare blessing. Just as ants are drawn to sweetness, similarly, the nourishment of a virtuous soul is worshiping the Divine. Thus, the narratives of worship reach the assembly hall. Before this, thousands of people participated in creating countless Shiva Lingams, contributing to their own spiritual merit. Following the creation, in the presence of learned scholars and pandits, they worshipped the divine lingams with deep reverence.