Aadhaar Card Rules: Child’s Aadhaar card to become invalid if you fail to update biometrics

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Image tweeted by @UIDAI
Image tweeted by @UIDAI

New Delhi : Here comes an important update for parents who have Baal Aadhaar for their children. It is important to update the biometrics of your child otherwise the Aadhaar card will be considered invalid.

Taking to Twitter, the UIDAI has said that the Baal Aadhaar can only be used up to the age of 5 years. It becomes inactive if the biometrics of the child are not updated at the age of 5 years.

It must be noted that biometrics of kids below five years are not captured. Their UID will be processed on the basis of the demographic information and their facial photograph linked with the UID of their parents. However, when the child turns 5, it is mandatory to update his/her biometrics of all 10 fingers, iris and facial photograph.

The UIDAI has recently tweeted that people can use 4 forms of Aadhaar that are equally valid and acceptable as proof of identity. Moreover, as parents, you can use any form of Aadhaar as per your convenience. These four forms of Aadhaar are – Aadhar Letter, eAadhaar, mAadhaar and Aadhaar PVC Card. All these form of Aadhaar are all equally valid and acceptable.