Aakash V Shivach's book "Steps Taking Backward" launched

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Aakash V Shivach's book "Steps Taking Backward" launched
Aakash V Shivach's book "Steps Taking Backward" launched

New Delhi : Author Aakash V Shivach recently launched his book named "Steps Taking Backward". This is depicts a love saga of (a singer, pop singer) developed from his teens and nourished in the years ahead. The story captures initiated steps in his life, making him to introspect. The first phase shows 'puppy love' between 'love buds' from their schools, percolating into their college life. 

The estrangement follows in the subsequent phase, in the sweet ambience of Kolkata, adhering to age-old traditions. Life takes the love birds onto the ups and downs with discrete outlook. It makes one to ascend and the other to descend, proportional to the challenges either has been subjected. This novel affixes perpetual challenges with the vicissitudes embroiled in their lives, leading to reunion, making them rejoin as wounded birds.  

This Book tells readers that love doesn't have a fight of winning as it’s every time skewed with the art of giving. This beautiful love mystery that we all are unaware and walk to achieve and get our love regardless of knowing why we felt in love with the person actually so this is the God designed feeling and it evoked in your heart for a person so that you can make that person immense happier in life. This is the next person good fate for which God designed you to love them and gave you this opportunity to dump their complete life with wonders and glory. There smile is indirectly making your love to succeed as it getting what it’s been designed for.

By this activity you are happy, God is happy and the one you love that is immense happy because you had designed yourself to take away all its sorrow. This is clearly shown over many faces in Book "Steps Taking Backward".  Sacrifice in love is said grateful if it’s just to deploy happiness on the other one face. You can measure this easily in the Book from "Raghav" devotion and sacrifice of losing everything he earned in his life, without asking anything in return from his Love "Swati".

You can’t scrub your wills over the person you love, as this land doesn't gets sprouted anything by getting force from one side and this is clearly pictured over many scenes in the book. Where Raghav after being so famous and popular round the world is following his love with dedication and face have every No with a blessing for her and smile on his cheeks. Raghav either said for Swati "Your smile and presence in this world is utmost happiness for me. And my love is a love which is the softest feeling anyone can have in this world. It is lovable, so it’s designed to make your life full of happiness whether you are mine or not".

Author Aakash V Shivach says, “Civilization owes to the advancement of technology. Man is in search of happiness. He can't derive on finding himself engrossed with abyss. Technology with the development of robots has not seeped into the civilization. The author finds shortcut methods to hone readership skills. The synthesis of ideas and verbosity, in each chapter, may impress the readers. He expects the readers would understand his way of expression. His imagination might elevate the minds of readers into sixth sense”.