Amazing color combinations for your kitchen cabinets

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Amazing color combinations for your kitchen cabinets (Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash)
Amazing color combinations for your kitchen cabinets (Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino on Unsplash)

Mumbai : The one room in every home, which resonates with a homemaker’s personality is the kitchen. The blend of aromas, taste of your favorite food, and one’s happier days make the kitchen a safe space for everyone in the household. A strong aroma of spices in the air, an undertone of cinnamon in the dessert, or simply the sizzle of deep-fried treats is enough to take you back to your younger days. The impact of this space on our lives is undeniably extensive and the magic in your mind can be recreated with just a brush and some paint!

The Material of the Skeleton

The kitchen is always expected to be a mélange of heart-warming tidbits and functionality. The storage, visible or not, is the skeleton of your kitchen. The material of this skeleton needs to be strong as well as conducive to the climate and other environmental factors. For instance, humidity can cause severe damage to wood and metal cabinets. Any waterproofing service in Mumbai can vouch for the necessity of the services they provide. Whereas, in the northern part of India, surfaces that can withstand extreme cold and heat are preferred.  The colors available in the category of your choosing can be narrowed down. Let us look at some of the color combinations you can use!

Dreamy Themes

Just like every other room in the house, kitchen cabinets can be based on themes. A pale lavender or a flamingo pink on a buttercream backdrop can render the touch of a Victorian-era kitchen. The divine Himalayas can be encompassed by using very light gray, white, and sky blue. Likewise, painters in Mumbai might suggest an ocean-themed kitchen which may be decorated with any and all shades of blue to depict the progression of a wave and possibly of Mumbai too. The backwaters of Kerala and the generous green cover can be captured by using spring green, dark-gray green, khaki green, pistachio, and jade green.

Pop of All Things Vibrant

Adding color to your kitchen cabinets can liven up your kitchen. A soft mauve or a bold purple can bring out the shade of the adjoining wall or even the ceiling. A pale green along with different shades of green making the kitchen a cohesive whole relays a soothing and closer to nature feeling. Try an inky, marine blue, or a dark navy with white and you can never go wrong!

Textured Tales

If you’re a fan of earthy tones and textures, then the better option can be to use stained wood. It adds subtle tints and tones of colors along with some hard-to-replicate texture.

Shades of White 

Choosing the correct shade of white and the pertinent color to go with it may seem like an arduous task. A lovely coral with white, baby blue, or even a blush pink with white can add cheer. Using matt black surfaces along with white can add a twist to the conventional black and white combination. An eggshell white along with a beige keeps things neutral but stands out immediately. 

Metallic Glamour

At the risk of your kitchen looking ostentatious, you can add a touch of metallic paint to your kitchen cabinets. Metallic colors can make cabinets be the center of attention, especially island cabinets.

We hope our ideas assist you in your therapeutic journey of beautifying your home. Hope you enjoy using the amazing color combinations for your kitchen cabinets to turn your vision into your reality!