An Established Digital Entrepreneur, Blogger, and Marketer - BILAL KAZI

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Image: Bilal Kazi with Rohit Sharma
Image: Bilal Kazi with Rohit Sharma

New Delhi : If one follows their dreams with discipline and leads a well-organized life rather than lurking for motivation again and again then one can achieve anything in this world. 

The person we are going to be talking about today is a perfect example of this statement. Bilal Kazi, a dynamic digital genius, marketer, and blogger was born on 8th December 1992 in Bahrain, Middle East. 

Bilal considers himself a publicist by mind and a blogger by heart. He is very much interested in cricket, investing, marketing, networking, and adores blogging and supporting food labels/ brands.  

Bilal has many achievements to his name in the food industry, Blogging, and networking besides the marketing industry in Mumbai, India, and Bahrain.    

The magnificent business visionary has also organized different events. He has made a career in digital marketing, and the food industry along with what he loves the most, i.e., blogging. 

He is a recognized food blogger and digital marketer from Bahrain. 

Bilal Kazi has worked with many companies and some infamous personalities with event services and digital marketing across India and Bahrain. Consequently, he began distributing content in blogs in 2013 and found an excitement for putting himself out there through what he formed. 

Although Bilal Kazi completed his degree in hotel management at Rizvi college, he also felt a need to achieve something in the field of networking and blogger. He trusted in his capacities in the field and that is the thing that drove him to his professional pathway. 

Further, he started learning different ways to deal with acquiring cash on the web. AdSense was his important adaptation system and later, he jumped into digital marketing for fostering his job. 

Bilal Kazi found the opportunity to work close by various celebs and publicizing offices, which helped him, discover his benefit in inspiring people through his work. Marketing was a forte he was constantly intrigued to investigate a lot. He, therefore, started with the food business. He began advancing food brands. He proceeded to help them in developing by publishing blogs and advertising about these brands. 

Bilal Kazi is emerging as an amazing marketer, social media specialist, and influencer in the digital world. He has also won the Business Manager Award and Best Influencer Award at Channel V India Fest Goa. 

The blogger also wishes to open his digital marketing company so that he can provide an extraordinary platform for other similar people. The foodie also dreams of starting a restaurant.

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