This rainbow snake will give you goosebumps [Video]

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Rainbow snake image instagrammed by @thereptilezoo
Rainbow snake image instagrammed by @thereptilezoo

New Delhi : Snakes can bring fear to anyone's mind; but there is one snake which has become a key attraction among people for its vibrant body colour like a rainbow. A video of the snake is going viral on social media.

An Instagram page called the reptile zoo shared the video and captioned it as “MyLove’s iridescence just never gets old.”

In the video, a woman (apparently zoo employee) can be seen hanging the snake onto her neck and flaunting its colourful body on the camera. In first impression, the snake appears to be of a blue shade but when watched closely, it shows a wide variety of skin colours onto its skin.

Watch the video below:

People are mesmerised to see such a colourful snake. One user wrote, ”I swear, if I ever get out there to see y’all, my first request will be “TAKE ME TO MY LOVE!” 😍❤️ She is simply GORGEOUS!!” Another wrote, ”So Stunning.”

The page has also shared a stunning picture of the snake in another post. “Here’s a little appreciation post for one of the prettiest snakes in the zoo. Not only is she beautiful but she’s an absolute sweetheart there’s a reason we named her MyLove.”

Rainbow Snakes, known as the Farancia erytrogramma is a species of large, nonvenomous, highly aquatic, colubrid snake, which is endemic to coastal plains of the southeastern United States.