Backflip in Saree! Mind-blowing video is a must watch

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Screengrabs from the viral video
Screengrabs from the viral video

New Delhi : Women never fail to prove that they are a package of multiple talents; now a woman doing backflips in a saree is blowing our minds. While many even find it difficult to walk in Saree, an International Yoga Gold Medalist – Mili Sarkar – performed a series of backflips wearing it.

In the video that has gone viral on the internet, Mili can be seen doing backflips in an orange saree, making people’s jaws drop.

What is backflip?

During a backflip, you make a complete 360 degree rotation in the air and it requires a lot of practice and efforts to master it, also saree should be among the last outfits in which it should be performed.

Earlier, Eshna Kutty, hailing from Kochi, posted a video of herself hula hooping to Delhi 6 song ‘Genda Phool’ while wearing a maroon saree and sports shoes. The video had gone crazy viral.