Caught on camera: Two bees unscrew Fanta bottle, video goes viral

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Image: Screengrab from the viral video on Twitter
Image: Screengrab from the viral video on Twitter

New Delhi : Nature is full of surprises! A new video of two bees unscrewing a bottle of Fanta soft drink is a perfect example of it. The video has gone viral on social media with netizens feeling amazed.

In the viral video clip, two bees can be seen unscrewing the cap which is much bigger than their collective size. The act by bees left the video-maker stunned and when he shared it online, people were also amazed at the video.

According to HuffPost, the unusual moment, which many dubbed as ‘bee evolution’, was captured in São Paulo, Brazil last week. However, it went viral on Wednesday.

Check out the video below:

People on social media shared their reactions and highlighted the importance of teamwork, with some claiming that with collective teamwork anything can be achieved. Check out the interesting replies below:

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