Check These 3 Things Off Your List to Find the Best Inverter in India

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Check These 3 Things Off Your List to Find the Best Inverter in India
Check These 3 Things Off Your List to Find the Best Inverter in India

New Delhi : If you are trying to find the best inverter in India for your home, there are certain things that you need clear off your list before you can dial down to the ideal inverter that’s adequately powered to keep your home appliances running, and also are capable enough to last for several years before needing a replacement. However, for it to work, you will need to keep a few crucial things in mind. 

In this article, we will look at a few things that you need to check off your list to find the best inverter in India

Your Demand for Power

As the best inverter in India for you would be the one that meets your power requirements efficiently, the most important thing at the top of your checklist should be your demand for power. Meaning, how much power delivery you would be needing to power up all of the home appliances that you want to keep running in the event of a power cut. For this, you need to add up the power that would be needed for your selected appliances and then choose an inverter accordingly. So, if you have a few LED lights, fans, etc. that you plan on running; an inverter with a VA rating between 700-900 should be enough. For households that need more power during an outage, it’s best to go in for a higher VA; otherwise, you would end up buying an underpowered inverter. 

Pure Sine Wave or Modified Sine Wave

To find the best inverter in India according to your requirements, you would need to choose the inverter technology, i.e., whether you would like a pure sine wave or a modified sine wave inverter. They are both great at running multiple devices at the same time; however, the pure sine wave inverter is a tad expensive but more efficient. 

Pure Sine Wave: A pure sine wave inverter can handle multiple appliances at the same time, and has a zero lag between a power cut and the time it takes for the inverter to take charge. Moreover, it is considered to be the safest option for running your expensive and sensitive appliances due to the multiple fail-safes in place to ensure that they remain protected from damage.

Modified Sine Wave: They are less expensive, and are also good at handling multiple appliances. However, they may lag a little and take a while before the inverter can kick in during an outage. Also, they might produce a humming sound when appliances are using backup power supplied by a modified sine wave inverter, which might be a concern for many customers. In case it’s not for you, and you wish to save money and get the benefit of an inverter, modified sine wave technology is ideal. 

Safety Features

When buying an inverter, one of the foremost things to keep in mind is the in-built safety features of the inverter you are eyeing. The best inverter in India will always have adequate protection against surges in power, overcurrent, overheating, and possible short-circuits. These must incorporate essential fail-safes to eliminate the risks of fire and injury apart from protecting appliances against any damages and dangers that they may be exposed to. Therefore, you need to tick off this important factor to shortlist inverters. 

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