Choosing passion over money: Jason Lobdell

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Jason Lobdell
Jason Lobdell

New Delhi : In 2015, Jason Lobdell started his career in personal training. He owned a gym named Universal fitness. His previous occupations included trucking contracts. Jason was making good money, but being a fitness trainer was his passion. Thus, he chose fitness training over his regular job and ended up showcasing his talents online and then blew up a year later.

Jason's passion and work

People always encourage one to follow his/her passion. However, it's not always easy.  Accepting a salary of $500 a week was the biggest struggle for Jason because he was previously making six figures with his logistics business. But after Jason scaled back on his lifestyle, he was able to see some daylight. Jason started X28, which is an online fitness program known worldwide. He is one of the co-founders of the online program, and his role is more of a hands-on owner, while his partner, Gee Bryant, plays the back office. Lobdell has trained celebrities like Rick Ross and is known for owning one of the most popular gyms in the country, The Loft Athletic Club. His proudest moment as a company came early, as he earned over $1M in his first year of business, and that is what outshines him among competitors.

An Entrepreneur with a great heart

With his group of entrepreneurs from Atlanta, Jason decided to surprise several grocery shoppers at a local Kroger by taking over the cash registers to pay for their groceries. The group has also been giving back to the community by paying for gas and helping homeless people. They also receive messages from other people who want to extend their help, thus creating a chain of a kind and helpful people. 'I am still floating on cloud nine after seeing those faces and getting all those hugs from the grannies and whipping those tears. It was just a good feeling. A lot of us come from those situations and that type of background. So we understand the true meaning of giving back and pouring back into our community.’, marks Lobdell.

The insight to enter the fitness industry

Jason Lobdell was motivated to start his business because of his wife's pregnancy. Pregnancy changes a woman's physical appearance naturally. Therefore, his wife had to lose weight, for which they hired a personal trainer who took their bodies to another level. Jason was already physically fit; however, hiring a personal trainer transformed him. After some time, he was allowed to be a gym trainer. He took advantage of that opportunity which proved to be one of the most crucial decisions in his life.