Coronavirus Pandemic: Instagram and Facebook will now have an alert to remind users to wear face masks in the US

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Facebook and Instagram
Facebook and Instagram

USA : Coronavirus originated from Wuhan, China and went on to spread across the globe to numerous other countries, infecting a large number of people and leading to a large number of deaths as well. This is why most nations across the world are making it compulsory for people to wear a face mask in order to prevent this highly contagious virus from spreading further and keep the citizens safe from infection. The high number of coronavirus cases is slowly overloading the Healthcare system all over the world. The US is also dealing with a similar problem. As well all know, the United States of America is one of the worst-hit countries.

Hospitals are at their maximum capacity and stretching it as far as they can but until we find a cure or a vaccine for this contagious virus, it's practically impossible to get it under control. Our only safeguards against this virus are our healthy and hygienic sanitization practices along with a good mask and social distancing. But most people do not want to wear masks and this can be a major health concern. In order to combat this health crisis, social networking sites and apps like Facebook and Instagram have stepped in. Both of these social media sites will encourage users to wear masks and protect themselves from this virus.

Facebook and Instagram will be putting an alert on top of the Newsfeed which will remind and encourage the users to use a face mask and will also share other prevention methods from the US Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They will also provide the link to their official site which contains all the essential information with regards to coronavirus and the statistics. As reported by Newsgram, in a statement the company said, " We're also working yo address the long-term impacts by supporting industries in need and making it easier for people to find and offer help in their communities".