Coronavirus Vaccine: This injection scared girl is trending for her witty reaction

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(Image: Screengrab from the viral video)
(Image: Screengrab from the viral video)

New Delhi : The government has rolled out third phase of coronavirus vaccination in which all people above 18 years can register and get vaccinated. Most of the people still get petrified when it comes to taking an injection and the perfect example to this is this girl who is trending on social media for her witty reaction moments before she gets the jab.

The 45-second long trending video on social media shows a woman, identified as Sukriti Talwar, wearing a face mask getting scared as she is about to get the first dose of the vaccine.

The nurse continuously asks her to sit calmly and get the injection, but she fails to keep the calm and asks if she can shout "mummy". Check out the viral video below:

The video has gone viral on the social media mainly because of the last line where nurse asks her to get out in Punjabi (Dafa Ho Yaha Se).

The netizens were left in splits after watching the video. Some of them left hilarious comments on the video.

One user said, "Mantra to Defeat COVID-19. Dawai Bhi, Kadai Bhi aur “Mummy” Bhi.. This video may give you some relief from the stress all around." Another wrote, "I can understand! This will be me getting shot too! Trypanophobia is not a joke guys!"

A third user added, "Mummy bol du." Yet another commented, "Don't miss the 'dafa jo jao' at the end!"