Covid 19: Indians crush social distancing, hit streets during Janta curfew against coronavirus

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People marching on streets
People marching on streets

New Delhi : The whole idea of Janta curfew went into the drain when some Indians misunderstood the call of clapping from their houses and came out on the streets without realizing that how they are putting themselves exposed to the virus responsible of taking several lives.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday asked people to express their gratitude with claps and bells from their houses for the doctors, sanitation workers and others who have been risking their lives just to offer their help. But, some mistook the idea as a victory over coronavirus and were seen dancing in joy on the streets, which could lead to bigger complication like Italy and China has been facing from past few weeks.

People were supposed to remain inside their houses and clap from their balconies and windows, but here is what people did.

Meanwhile, 13 states and 80 districts have been put on a complete lockdown till March 31 to ensure breaking of chain that may take India into Phase 3 aka community transmission of Covid 19.