Easy ways to make your car smell good

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For representational use [Pic Credit: Torque]
For representational use [Pic Credit: Torque]

New Delhi : Want to get rid of the monsoon smell that is all inside your car smell? Then here are easy and cheap ways to get your ride smelling swell.

1. Add essential oils to a clay piece

By just adding 10 to 15 drops of an essential oil to a clay disc. Once the clay has absorbed the oil, you simply place it in your car and enjoy the scented air.

2. Fill a sock with coffee

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh-brewed coffee in the morning? Keep that pleasant scent lasting all day by creating a coffee air freshener. By filling a sock with coffee beans or even ground coffee, you can get rid of the smell in your vehicle. Even you can put coffee beans in a paper bag and place it anywhere in your car.

3. Cotton-ball air freshener

Pick up your favourite essential oils and combined with a ribbon and cotton ball — created a car-vent air freshener. They go into the vent they make the car smell better than the hanging air fresheners. 

4. Baking soda

Sometimes, the best and easiest way to tackle a problem is to go back to the basics. Using baking soda, which has been eliminating odors of all kinds for generations is pne such basic trick which never fails. Just sprinkle it on the seats, or leave it overnight in a bowl inside your car and tadaaa…

These tricks will surely help you in changing the smell of your car and can also be used for your bathroom. isn't it a good idea?