Experiencing life with poems by Anupama Sharma

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Experiencing life with poems by Anupama Sharma
Experiencing life with poems by Anupama Sharma

New Delhi : Anupama Sharma is an unsung poet who loves to create poems based on real-life events. She hails from the green mountains of Himachal Pradesh, born and brought up in Sirmour District. She has done MA in English Literature.

She loves to explore and delve deeper into nature and human emotions too. The intensity of emotions and inspiration are the roots of her poems. Check some of her work below:


Long live dear pain!

My dear pain, long live

While Yearning, fighting for joy, I got you.

You and me are companions

Persistently I encounter you Pain, sorrow, anguish..

You are less aspired infact never. But in different forms you are there

Suddenly a tear, yes a tear

Fells from the eye..

A gift of pain

Everyday you are there In my heart and brain

I feel you, experience you

And I see you stepping forward to embarrass me

I don’t wanna run now

Don’t wanna avoid you either

How can I?

In my happiness, loneliness and dark days You were the true companion

Long live our friendship !


And he left again so soon...

I Heard the music of his footsteps..

Announcing he is here ...

And nxt moment he is gone..

It's so rare ! So short!

His home coming!

And it's so long! So constant !

His leaving !

Canvas of my life is painted and tainted 

Both black Nd white...

Yet he scatters thecolours of rainbow Day and night...

As he waves goodbye..I cry....

His rucks! His camouflage vanish!

His hands motion a bye...

My days are all dull and colourless.. and nights are all solitary and full of gloom.!

Yet he came for so short .. And why he left so soon...?