GAUTAM KALAL: From a few hundreds in a month, to 11,65000 in 45 days, the ever-stirring journey

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Image: Mr Gautam Kalal
Image: Mr Gautam Kalal

New Delhi : "Dreams turned reality”, an eminent catchphrase everyone talks about. But the inexplicable struggle that propels a person to acquire their dream and turn them into reality, becomes the motivation for millions of others. Gautam Kalal is currently one such name, with prominence under his umbrella, but this prominence came through his years of endeavors. His story is not one of overnight success, but the one brimming with real-life struggles, and groundbreaking realizations.

Often a person is deemed to be lucky when gaining a fortune, and the endeavors are sidelined, but the cognizance that Gautamhas attained involving multiple fields, tech, and non-tech is a testament of his experience and his bending over backwards time to time.

From a canteen boy to an e-commerce entrepreneur, training and mentor, Gautam has aided in the growth of many, with a much of a muchness mindset, and has helped them set up their digitalized stores. Born on September 29, 1982, in ZawarMines, Udaipur, Rajasthan, Gautam has presently established his own firm and has been proliferating at great knots.

20+ years of experience, and a top–driven digital marketing consultant established in Ahmedabad, Gautam is an author and YouTuber serving as a mentor to over 5k+ students and business professionals and institutions like BNI, Ganpat, University and in various private training offline and online, and a part of the renowned advisory board panel of business magazines making appearances in offline and online media channels.

Gautam was a child when he had to bear the responsibility of an entire family. Being married at a very young age, according to Rajasthan’s orthodox traditions, Gaurav was struggling to make his ends meet. Humility and guilt were an inevitable part of his childhood, coming from the lower-middle-class strata of the city, and a consequence of lesser education in the right form. Gautam used to work in a cybercafé, with no practical cognizance about computers. The cybercafé was his prime learning place, where he used to learn with the help of people, gaining skills when no one utilized the resources at nights. However, to step out and welcome opportunities, with a never say die attitude, he moved to Ahmedabad and started working in a restaurant as a canteen boy earning mere 600 bucks in a month.

With no place to sleep and with an ardent routing that consequently resulted in degrading health issues, an opportunity knocked on his door. An IT manager who with his colleagues was trying to burn a CD drive, was facing complications. Gautam who had acquired skills while working in a cybercafé, offered his help. Considering him a mere canteen guy, a team member tried to humiliate him, but the IT manager offered him the task, which he easily executed. Seeing his skillset, he was offered a job the very next week at the IT firm. 

Utmost dedication and willpower, with constant learning, propelled him even further, picking up skills like graphic design, web development, and other relevant skills Gautam was soon offered a leading job in the UK. He went to the United Kingdom whereby he showcased amazing skills, being tremendously versatile. Gautam came back to India and kept on grooming his skillset in the tech field.

Becoming greatly adept at the latest technologies, Gautamcommenced his own venture and started his entrepreneurship.  A person who has left his trails abroad as well, Gautam has vigorating passion inside him. Gautam believes that when one can visualize the end goal, even a tiny step matters. The longer you strive, the longer you will survive and grow.

Gautam has aligned his journey with three principles. Primarily, he believes that he has opened himself to new opportunities in life. In every phase of life, he has accepted the opportunities, whatever may come, being from an underprivileged background. Secondly, his willingness to serve others and going back to the roots of his value system. Recalling “Atithi Devo Bhava” he believes that we should be the giver, and has offered his services universally to help others. The third and final principle is to offer the right resources and survive while being the fittest, and rise from humility and be authentic. Authenticity helps to acquire a novel perspective in life.

Abiding by the fundamentals, Gautam has been a man of will and vision and has been making endeavors to acquire newer heights and aid others. His journey has made him bring masses from multiple mindsets on a common platform and connect together, and he has been successfully aiding many. Stay Hungry for new education is his mantra to change the life.