Golden minutes: Making the most out of life

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For representational use [Pic Credit: Medium]
For representational use [Pic Credit: Medium]

New Delhi : In many ways we are raised to feel uncomfortable with our emotions or can say negative emotions. These so called negative emotions are treated as defects and thus a normal and natural human being is always positive else he is not acceptable. Nobody says this directly but it is conveyed by phrases like ignore them, Don't cry, nothing should bother you.

And many of us avoid those negative emotions leading to health issues like anxiety and panic attacks and depression. Thus we should self explore before it becomes uncontrollable. Sometimes we are ashamed of our own feelings, we think those unfavourable emotions are making us weak and is a topic of gossip for other people.

But why we forget that sadness is a part of life in some or the other form and nobody can't escape this and it can't be avoided. And it will always have power over life because we are constantly suppressing our anxiety, negative thoughts and fear.

Always remember the more we wait to get rid of something the more it is created so we have to learn how to manage ourselves, so by practicing acceptance of what feelings we face, we achieve freedom from it and this is how we move.

What is the way and how to make most of life !!

Observe your life-

Know your activities ,your thoughts and never avoid what your true nature is ,this is the way you will know things.

Take charge of your life

Decide how will you respond in ways you feel positive through. Do not take out the feelings of agitation on anyone

It's okay to feel unsure

It's okay to have no idea of how you are going to hold it together at times, because it's okay to feel great joy as well as stressful situations.

Every emotion has a place in life 

Anger, frustration, anxiety all have a place in our life's. We have never been taught how to deal with them so we suppress them. The way is to manage them not overlook them.

So accept and heal

It's alright to accept that we are hurt or we are having a hard time. But we must accept what's happening, that's how we decide to focus and enjoy life