Homemade vs Readymade: Which face masks should you buy?

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Face Mask
Face Mask

New Delhi : Since the coronavirus pandemic, we're all stuck at home living in fear of contracting it. During the beginning of the pandemic, we swiftly ran out of face masks, sanitizers, disinfectants, gloves and other such things. This is when a lot of new companies took this opportunity to produce these things to meet the market demands. But while they were busy producing these products, a large number of people were making them at home. From making homemade face masks to hand sanitizers, people worked hard to find replacements in the meanwhile. 

This highly contagious virus has no cure and the researchers across the world are still working hard to develop a vaccine that can save lives but until then our only safeguards against this deadly virus are safe sanitization practices, face mask and social distancing. Numerous countries across the world have made face masks compulsory for people in order to prevent this virus from spreading further and to control the cases in their region before it truly takes a toll on the healthcare system if it hasn't already. 

Face masks are the most important thing when it comes to staying safe. People have often turned to homemade protective equipment but slowly switched to the ones available in the market like the N95 mask or the masks with filters and shields and whatnot. But in a recent study published by the researches at Florida Atlantic University claims that aside from the readymade cone style mask, the well-fitted multi-layered masks made at home are the most effective way to protect yourself from coming in contact with any droplets. It is also essential that the right kind of fabric is used for the mask. But at the same time, it is essential to understand that this only works when it is accompanied by social distancing and safe sanitization practices like using a hand sanitizer, washing hands, using gloves, disinfectant and other such things. The researchers also closely studied the relationship between the droplets, evaporations, ambient airflow and respirator fluid properties with regards to the mask and will continue to do so.