How to get through hard times!

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For representational use [pic credit: Pinterest]
For representational use [pic credit: Pinterest]

New Delhi : If your compassion does not include yourself it is incomplete- Buddha

I have always been this way but that is not working anymore, because one day you hit the bottom of who you have been.

I was willing to completely die the person I was, to become the women I want to be. I was willing to go of everything and everybody, not everyone can get there because it's only for you, but you want to carry everyone because you are too attached of what you have been.

So put a pause on life and recalibrate. While the period may sting but remember it's temporary, renew and build new goals.

But some people take lifetime to understand this because they are too attached of what they have been.

Trust the process this journey will build your resilience. Setting goals helps provide clarity and focus. Take time out to reflect allows you to see your progress.

What and how can you begin!

Woke everyday at the same time, exercise and create a to do list 

Our life is a reflection of our mind, energy flows where attention goes.

The choice and responsibility for our life and our success are ours, and it starts what we focus on.

Many times ,what holds us back from going after our dreams is the stiff idea of how things should and shouldn't be