Karan Puri's next novel to release in August 2017

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Karan Puri's next novel to release in August 2017
Karan Puri's next novel to release in August 2017

New Delhi : Karan Puri, best known for his novel 'Shit Happens- Desi boy in America' is all set to release his next novel. 

His first novel "Shit Happens- Desi boy in America" released in October 2011 and was a bestseller in India. Let's know more from the author himself:

1) What inspires you as an author to write?

Writing is hugely cathartic, and many author's like me are inspired to write when they are feeling at their most emotional. Writing is an excellent way to make sense of our emotions, to express ourselves in a way that perhaps we can’t do out loud and to be completely honest with ourselves about the way we feel.

2) What's your next novel about?

It's about love, relationships and women in general. Their lives, the issues they face, their never say die attitude and their fighting spirit. Women's empowerement is a global issue  which is a significant topic of discussion nowadays. I have been inspired by Gauri shinde's work, the way she tells her story and handles the character, seems very real and hits the viewer and gets him to think.

3) Do you draw inspiration for your books from your real Life? 

Yes, certainly. A writer is an observer, he observes things and then expresses them in his own way.

4) How did you ventured into authoring books?

By accident, I had started blogging after college when I started my career. And soon it developed into a hobby. My friends were so interested in reading my blogs that a few suggested me to pen a novel and I took there advice.

5) What else keeps you busy other than writing?

I am a digital marketing consultant, lifestyle blogger so I attend many events and food meetup's. Apart from that, since I have worked for more than a decade in the corporate world, I provide Marketing consultancy to quite a few businesses.

6) How do you see yourself as an author 20yrs from now? 

Having penned down 5-6 novels and made a name for myself along with always keeping the reader craving for more. Will be great if my books can make a difference in changing people's mindsets about issues that I cover.