Late Bejan Daruwalla's prediction about end of coronavirus

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Late Bejan Daruwalla's prediction about end of coronavirus
Late Bejan Daruwalla's prediction about end of coronavirus

New Delhi : Human lives have taken a hit by coronavirus pandemic across the world and several people have died because of it. India has been struggling from it for more than 2 months now. Everyone is looking for an answer on when will all this end? 

There have been many predictions, including one from Bejan Daruwalla who passed away on Friday after losing his battle to the COVID 19 infection.

World famous astrologer Bejan Daruwalla had given a prediction on when will coronavirus may come to an end, and also had explained the reasons why it has struck the human lives.

He had shared a video on Facebook in which Mr Daruwalla said, "Corona Virus has come because of the planet Saturn as the planet Saturn is associated with masses, your karma and justice. It is also clearly associated with the common man so Saturn is giving this trouble because today the world has become greedy and only thinking about itself. By May 2020 Saturn will move away from the horoscope of the World so Corona problem will surely finish I request all of you to stay home and stay safe "

His famous predictions which had turned true were for Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Shri Moraji Desai, Shri Narendra Modi and many more.

According to the website, Ganesha Speaks, the astrologer has been rewarded by The Millennium Book of Prophecy for being an outstanding astrologer amongst the 1000 great astrologers in history.

Two days back his condition deteriorated when he was put on ventilator support. He is survived by two sons-Nastur and Fardun-and a daughter, Nazreen.