Lieutenant Colonel of Dubai, Masoud Alhammad, shows how animals can be loved and cared for

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Lieutenant Colonel of Dubai, Masoud Alhammad, shows how animals can be loved and cared for
Lieutenant Colonel of Dubai, Masoud Alhammad, shows how animals can be loved and cared for

Absolutely no one has exhibited so much love and adoration for exotic animals like Masoud Alhammad has shown so far.

We are so much consumed about attaining overnight successes that often we forget that in our ventures to get ahead of others; we miss out on learning things that are essential to be learned and understood in life. People think and plan so much for their careers all their life, but only a few have been able to think beyond the usual and care for others as well, showing humanity. This humanity has become the way of life of one noble-hearted Lieutenant Colonel of Dubai named Masoud Alhammad, who has fallen in love with animals and have gone ahead in owning exotic species not found anywhere else.

Masoud Alhammad confesses that he felt an unusual connection and affection with animals from the very beginning, which encouraged him to do something great for them. He decided to get into animal husbandry and tame exotic animals. Be it any animals, pets or the wild ones, Masoud Alhammad is of the opinion that they only require pure love and affection from us and if we could do something for them, we should find ourselves fortunate to be able to do that.

He had a beautiful garden in Dubai, which he converted into a park with wild animals and plants of significant value. The production and reproduction facilities of plants and animals for Masoud Alhammad generated great income, which he further reinvested in acquiring the surrounding land for incremental production and reproduction facilities. As soon as his garden converted into a park, many foreigners also got attracted to its beauty, filled with the world's best flora and fauna. The wild animals that the Vice Chairman of the Dubai Police Committee owns include Komodo Dragon, Ring-Tailed Lemur, White Tigers, Albino Owls, White Crows, Albino Leopard Cat, to name a few.

For transforming his park into a zoo, Masoud Alhammad approached the Ministry of Environment, and Water Resources, Government of UAE, to help him acquire more land and resources. His love for exotic animals and passion for providing them with a better environment got his project approved and today, it has become a well-recognized zoo in the region. Masoud Alhammad also arranged training schools for students interested in making it huge in the botanical subject and animal husbandry.

His dedication and devotion to work for animals and creating a conducive environment for them, where they can grow, have allowed Lieutenant Colonel Masoud Alhammad to reach the forefront of the industry in no time. Know more about this one of a kind Dubai policeman through Instagram @alhammad_exotic_pet.