Omkar Singh is helping people become the best version of themselves

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Omkar Singh is helping people become the best version of themselves (Image: Omkar Singh)
Omkar Singh is helping people become the best version of themselves (Image: Omkar Singh)

After each workout session, your body loses energy, water, calories, and yet people often call it gaining. Clients who came to Omkar in his initial days as a fitness trainer were mostly complaining that they had felt an increase in strength but what they were aiming for was muscle mass. Omkar had himself gone through this pain. He explains that when someone bears so much pain and spends a few weeks at the gym and ends up having no results; it is likely that the person would quit. Without getting into the root cause of this failure.

Omkar made sure that his clients understood that the initial phase of working out is all about gaining strength and inducing coordination between muscles and the nervous system. He states it very clearly that after at least 8 weeks your muscles start to adapt. Staying consistent is the key and once the body adapts to the new training stimuli, the muscle grows. 

Omkar suggests that there are two factors that stimulate muscle growth: structured training and a balanced diet.

One of Omkar's clients was Vishal Sharma who was working as a bank manager. On the first day of his session, Vishal blasted his Omkar with questions about diet, muscle building, and everything that he read over the internet. Omkar smiled and took him for a walk. Omkar explained to him that as a beginner he should be doing 2-3 strength workouts per week. Omkar also told him that the body can only absorb about 20 g of protein per meal, so it is futile to overload yourself with protein in every meal.

He makes sure that clients like Vishal who want to gain weight are consistent with their sessions and their diets. 

Muscle growth requires discipline and discipline requires motivation. Each day at his gym - Evolve Fitness and Wellness, he is seen motivating people to help them become the best versions of themselves. It is a tough job to do and Omkar loves doing it, day in and day out. He never shies away from making people realize their mistakes. Whenever someone goes on a cheat diet, Omkar is not so gentle that day. ‘While craving is understandable, desserts should not take away your hard work’ says Omkar. 

Vishal has diligently followed the exercise routine and diet plans. A job at the bank made him sort of a couch potato, however, Omkar was good at his job and Vishal Sharma is fitter than ever. He is a regular at the gym and still follows Omkar’s advice on fitness like many others.