Lord Hanuman's Panchmukhi avatar: Interesting facts you must know

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Lord Hanuman's Panchmukhi Avatar
Lord Hanuman's Panchmukhi Avatar

New Delhi : Lord Hanuman ji is known for ending all kind of worries of his followers, one of the reasons why he is also known by the name 'Sankatmochan'. He himself is a big follower of lord Ram, but once when lord Ram was in trouble, Hanuman ji took an avatar of 'Panchmukhi' to end his worries. Lets get to know more in detail about the lord Hanuman's avatar.

Panchmukhi Avatar

According to a mentioning in Ramayan, during the fight in Lanka to save Sita, Ravan's brother Ahiravan had fainted lord Ram and Laxman to take them to Patal Lok. Ahiravan was blessed that he cannot be defeated until five diyas in five different directions are extinguished together. For this lord Hanuman had taken Panchmukhi avatar to extinguish all five diyas in one blow.

Significance of five faces in Panchmukhi Avatar

As mentioned above all five faces are in five different direction and each has its own significance.

Vanar Mukh: The face is in east direction and prevents followers from enemies.

Garud Mukh: The face is in West direction; it ends the hurdles in anyone’s life.

Varah Mukh: The face is in North direction and helps in getting a long age, success and fame.

Narsingh Mukh: The face is in the South direction that helps in conquering the fears and troubles.

Ashva Mukh: The face is facing sky that helps in getting the desires.

How to seek blessings from lord Hanuman's Panchmukhi avatar

Lord Hanuman’s Panchmukhi avatar’s picture must always be placed in the South direction. Since Tuesday is the day for Lord Hanuman, dedicating red flowers, Sindoor and chameli oil is considered good. Other than this offering chana and gud are also considered good with Sundarkand or Hanuman Chalisa.

It has also been known that putting lord Hanuman's Panchmukhi photo in the South direction ends vastudosh from the house.

Disclaimer: All the information mentioned above has been taken from various sources like Panchang, Calender, Ramayan; News Heads does not claim its authenticity. Belief and performing them is entirely readers’ choice.