"Made For Two?" by Pooja Purohit Bhatt is a modern take on the classic notion of love

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Made for two new book
Made for two new book

New Delhi : Pooja Purohit Bhatt, a new author based out of New Delhi with a passion for writing and love, announced the release of her first book, ‘Made For Two?’ on 11th September to give the readers the essence of true love and life, all at once. The book was sponsored by a renowned author, Ajitabh Bose, and published by Author’s Ink Publication.

“No one can deny that Love is a complicated word. It wasn’t until the lives of my characters, Aisha, Ruhi, Kabir, and Aditya collided,” said Pooja. “Made For Two?" is a love story that involves four characters, completely different from each other but complications start when two of them fall in love at the wrong place and wrong time. ”

The book gives you the taste of both sides of love, the fairy-tale love, and the complicated side of it. Made For Two? is a perfect read for you if you as well live in your fairyland waiting for the love of your life to come by and live happily ever after. This is not about the book, the story takes a turn when reality hits in.

As you turn each page, you’ll be so engrossed in the book that you will think of yourself as one of the characters.

Juggling her life between her studies and her dreamland, Pooja Purohit Bhatt was just 16 years old when she decided to become an author. She was an all-rounder in her school time taking part in extracurricular activities as well. After completing her schooling she chose to follow her dream of becoming an author and pursued Journalism and Mass Communication. Soon after the graduation, she got numerous job offers and she took them but the dream of becoming an author had faded then. In 2015 Pooja took a sabbatical and decided to write a book. She completed 23 chapters of her book and then not how she imagined, the love of her life made an entry in her life who encouraged and pushed her to complete the book. She saw a contest by a renowned author, Ajitabh Bose, called Dream Books which Pooja participated in made Ajitabh fall in love with the concept of Made For Two? and sponsor her book.

The book is available for online purchase on Amazon.