Must Watch: Toddler does burpees better than most of us

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Burpee Baby
Burpee Baby

New Delhi : Find hitting gym difficult? Here is a video that will make you pack your gym bag as soon as possible. A video of a toddler doing burpees along a swimming pool is going viral on the social media.

Titled as “Burpeee Baby is back!”, the video shows 2-year-old toddler Keeley doing workout like a pro. The baby can be seen performing a burpee and then jump in the pool.

The video was shared by Keeley's mother on the internet. It has also been shared by the fitness expert Ashely Roberts, which was then reshared by several followers of him on the social network.

On Facebook, the video has fetched over 6 lakh page views. Check out the video below: 

Don't miss the comments on the post of the baby.