Tarun Tahiliani shows bouquet of creativity with 85 garments at ICW 2017

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Tarun Tahiliani showed 85 garments on the fashion runway
Tarun Tahiliani showed 85 garments on the fashion runway

New Delhi : Tarun Tahiliani is known for showing things differently and his show at Indian Couture Week 2017 was no less than a treat for fashionistas. With 85 garments on the fashion runway, the ace designer showed that bridal and couture can also be weightless and yet glamorous.

With a mixture of hard hitting and soulful tracks setting up the perfect mood for the show, the presentation started with black numbers in the form of saris, lehngas and gradually moving towards colours like peach, red, maroon and much more.

"I think after a long time we have a very strong bridal and couture show of weightless garments that feel like the stars of the firmament," Tahiliani earlier told IANS.

"It goes from a lighter range into the classic couture pieces. I think the workmanship this year is extraordinary. We have had over a thousand people working on the collection," he added.

There was a showstopper piece in the form of Swarovski crystal-studded garment and not to miss the menswear line that reminded the fashionistas of 1960s eras of Gandhi topi and much more.

The ramp was transformed into the jungle with maple leaves adding drama to the entire set up.

All in all, it was a show that set the standard high for Couture in India.