Now, free services for cancer patients in Gujarat

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Sanjeevani Wellness Centre for free rehab service to cancer survivors
Sanjeevani Wellness Centre for free rehab service to cancer survivors

Ahmedabad : Sanjeevani Wellness Centre is geared up to offer free services to cancer patients who visit the Cancer Hospital at Civil Hospital in Asarwa, Ahmedabad (Gujarat). Also, the center will provide services like yoga, psychotherapy, counselling, nutritional advice and other rehabilitation services.

Sanjeevani Wellness Centre was inaugurated by D Thara, Managing Director with the sole aim to offer free of cost services to cancer patients and anyone who feel depressed because of their ailments.

"The services at the centre is free for the cancer patients who have completed their treatment and are on the way to recovery as well as cancer survivors. We will also be offering art and dance therapy to help improve their overall feeling of wellness," said Disha Tripathi, state program manager of Sanjeevani Life Beyond Cancer, an NGO which is the helping hand of the wellness centre.

As the centre is working on rented accommodation, it will offer 1 hour of free services for a batch of 20 to 25 patients offering 36 sessions to the patients. "Cancer patients and their relatives not only need counselling but also it is important to keep them engaged. Many patients despite recovery may feel depressed and the centre will offer free services to anyone. But as of now we are looking at cancer patients from civil," said Tripathi.

Ruby Ahluwalia, an IAS officer and cancer survivor is associated with the NGO. It has been confirmed that she is offering certificate in oncocare course at the Gujarat Cancer Research Institute (GCRI).

The oncocare course is offered free of cost to relatives of cancer patients and it also helps them stand on their own, cost-effectively. "The course has been designed by Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS) and offers 120 theory session sand 246 practical sessions. We also provide placements to the students after the four month course. The course if free but a refundable deposit of Rs 3000 is taken to ensure that only those who are serious about onco care take part in the programme," said Tripathi.