PUBG Mobile: 5 simple tricks to claim Chicken dinner

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PUBG Mobile: 5 simple tricks to claim Chicken dinner
PUBG Mobile: 5 simple tricks to claim Chicken dinner

New Delhi : PUBG Mobile game has become a rage among the online gamers across the world. And with growing popularity, it is getting tough to claim the number one position as many of the players have trained themselves and also using advanced devices to make the game easier. Here are five simple tricks that can help you in attaining the Chicken dinner despite having an experienced player as your enemy.

- Always make sure you plug in your headphones before joining a match. The developers have designed a superb audio experience with stereo effects. This helps in alerting you of an approaching enemy and get ready for the ambush.

- While it may be proud to walk abreast across open battlefields, it's clever to stay out of sight from snipers looking to hunt you down from miles away. Therefore, prefer taking cover behind rocks, trees, buildings and abandoned vehicles. If possible, make your movement carefully as a substantial one will reduce your camouflage.

- PUBG does offer a slew of attractive bright clothing for players to put on their characters. A good player will always avoid bright coloured clothes and opt for clothes with darker shades. Dark clothes are difficult to spot for snipers and other players over long distances. Also, prefer covering as much skin on your character as possible to reduce your chances of getting seen.

- While common sense pushes you to jump into the battlefield and open fire on opponents, it is advisable to grab weapons as fast as possible and stay away from the initial rush of trying to kill as many players as they can. Stay unnoticed until the better players take out the less experienced ones and device a strategy to kill them.

- Choose your weapons carefully. PUBG offers rifles in abundance. Try to get a machine gun as fast as possible. Weapons such as UMP9, UZI, AKM, Tommy Gun and even pistols can shoot bullets faster and have shorter reloading times. If you happen to stumble across a sniping rifle, grab one as your secondary weapon and try to hunt for a 4x or 8x scope for increasing your shooting range.