Rendezvous with High Priestess Karishma Shetty

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Image: Dr Karishma Shetty
Image: Dr Karishma Shetty

New Delhi : Dr. Karishma Shetty, respectfully addressed to as “Guruma” by her colleagues and students, is a guide, healer, and an astrologer with a difference. She won an award for being an “Iconic Celebrity Spiritual Coach” at the reputed Midday Awards held in February 2020. I had heard about Psychic Temples by Karishma, an organization that tutors as well as offers consultations that are parapsychological, related to healings mediums amongst other things. 

Recently I was offered the opportunity to meet Karishma and I grabbed it with both my hands. Who wouldn’t want to meet Karishma Shetty!? I was nervous and excited at the same time, since it was the first time, I was going to meet a spiritual healer. The next day I went to meet the famous Karishma Shetty, as I walked towards her office, I realised that her office entrance wasbeautifully colored in purple with paintings of fairies, angels and mermaids all over the place. I loved the way the dream catchers were all around, making the office look like a world in itself. I have to add here that the minute I entered I felt a sense of calm and happiness filling me immediately.

I asked for Karishma and I was directed to her cabin, I was surprised again; this time because of Karishma. A young girl of 29 years with colored hair and beautifully done up nail extensions, she looked like any other girl her age...suddenly I felt old!

R: Hi Karishma, nice to meet you.

K: Hi Rachita (gets up to hug) hope you found the office easily?

R: Yes, thank you. So first of all, I absolutely love the décor of your office, I’m curious...why purple? Does it have some particular significance?

K: (laughs) well yes it does, Purple not only is my favorite colorbut is also associated with spirituality. If you notice most of my posts on my page have a purple background; that’s because purple helps one align with the universe. Purple represents the crown chakra that represents divination.

R: Wow! That’s whole new information! So, tell me Karishma, when did you first realize that you were gifted?

K: So, this is something that runs in our family, my grandmother and my aunt are also gifted. At the age of 3 my parents realized I was gifted and by the age of 4 I started feeling like I was different from everyone else. By the time I turned 11 I started training myself and started practicing when I turned 13 years.

R: Did your grandmother and does your aunt also practice the same thing you do? When did you start practicingcommercially?

K: We all practice different things in different ways and I still have a long way to go; but along with my training I started practicing commercially when I turned 16 years.

R: Tell us a little about your journey so far?

K: It’s been a rollercoaster ride! (Laughs) People who know me they know how curious I am and imagine double the curiosity in a mini-me! As a child I hated following instructions (not that I love it even now! *winks*) but initially when I trained under my guru, there was this (word), guru-shishya parampara; so you were not supposed to question your guru. Me being me I questioned a lot, I have been punished for it too. But bachpanmein kaunse bachche ko rules follow karne aate hain. I hated being hungry or staying only on water and train for days and weeks at a stretch. When my journey began there were a lot of rules and regulations that were to be followed and frankly it was hard but now I’m thankful to my gurus because it is their effort that I am where I am today!

R: In one word how does it make you feel?

K: Like I said before...Rollercoaster

R: With the current scenario, there have been many spiritual coaches/healers/readers/ astrologers, so how does a person (who is new to this) select whom to go to?

K: So when you want time-based questions tarot will help, astrology helps you know about your basically there are many modalities, I know and teach 780 modalities which give you very different and new aspects about yourself. But personally, I feel if you want to consult with someone, you have to feel a strong resonance with that person. There has to be that pull, something that connects you with the person. Until you feel the assurance or surety that he/she is the person who can guide you properly, don’t go asking him/her questions.

R: Were you born with this gift or did you learn it?

K: This is something I have been curious about and trust me I’m still working on finding the answer, hopefully I will be able to tell you when I know.

R: Can a person like me, who knows nothing about these practices also learn about these practices?

K: Anybody can learn, even a non-intuitive person or a non-believer can learn. But every person on this planet has a particular or unique modality; like for example a person excellent in math’s can pursue Astrology, if you are mediocre in math’s then Numerology is for you. Numerology is on the lines of Astrology but simpler, now for a person who is creative or has a good imagination; there are a lot of picture-based cards that you can learn about and use for predictions. For a person who likes colors can learn predictions using colors. In short any Tom, Dick or Harry can learn this art. You don’t need to be born with this; all you need is a curiosity to want to know about somebody’s future.

R: It really is interesting. Now on a lighter note, what are the most common questions people ask you?

K: “Mera Boyfriend/girlfriend wapis aa jayega kya?” This is the most common question that people ask. Then there are business/work related questions like “yeh kaam ho jayega? Kaise karna hai and yeh karne ke baad will we achieve success?” Then I have my international clients (who are settled there), they show me their housing maps, they know I don’t go only according to the books, I also follow the scientific rules of our body. Most of the questions in India are related to relationships.

R: What are these Scientific Rules that you just mentioned?

K: So this is where Vastu comes in; basically there are iron granules in our body, North Pole mein magnetic pull hota hai. Now we cannot remove the iron granules from our body and we cannot change the North Pole’s magnetic pull, so we balance it all by the house.

R: Do you think people have really started depending on readings for their success, relationships/ mental peace and money?

K: You know India has been a country where relationships have been given a lot of importance it was full of love, emotions and responsibility, but lately I think nobody values relationships anymore. I get clients who say they trust their spouses but I get cases where the partner is cheating and the spouse has no clue,or they have affairs with many people because they don’t want to be bound by one person. Basically, there are many trust issues and coming back to your question I think Tarot cards are your best friends and you should depend on your own personal tarot deck, not the reader. When a client comes to me, I ensure I give them a permanent solution and try to make them independent sothat they can do their own reading and don’t have to come to me again.

R: I’ve come across many ads on social media related to love spells, my question is if a person doesn’t love you but you perform love spell for them...does it work or does it backfire?

K: Backfire toh hoga woh kabhi na kabhi. If you are being stubborn and casting a love-spell for your ex to be in your life, sooner or later, you never know, maybe someone else might do the same and take him/her away from you. Karma is a bitch and it bites you when you least expect it! These things actually work but it works temporarily, like a chain. So, if you want to resolve some relationship issues, I think you first need to resolve your relations with your parents. These love spells are worked on a person’s DNA, so once your DNA is used your aura is open and very few people have the strength to seal the aura and keep it closed.

That’s why we have courses to heal the aura; we have morning sessions to ground, heal and protect the aura. We have people who attend these sessions to keep their auras sealed and protected so that no work can happen on them.

R: How do you deal with angry clients or clients that have unrealistic demands?

K: So, I am very clear about the timeframe of the work and the time I commit I make sure that the work finishes within the time-frame. Now there are things that can happen over-night but I try taking on challenging projects, that’s how I am I don’t like to take on normal things that can be solved easily. I don’t do this only for money, I do this because it is my passion, I like challenging myself, so I take clients who give me that challenge.

R: Do Spiritual healing and switch words work on the same lines of ‘faith’ and law of attraction?

K: Yes, they do, Switch-words are similar to Angelic words and it works on the basic concept of molding the words and saying it till the brain registers it. The brain takes 21 days to accept anything and re-channelize those energies. Switch words/Angelic words need a time-frame to work and once a person understands how to use them, it becomes like an addiction...a good addiction and they will never stop using it. It will be a very different journey all together!

R: Who is Karishma Shetty when she is not the spiritual healer?

K: A crazy ass person, who loves partying, lives life on her own terms and most importantly shopaholic! I don’t fear death and live my life one day at a time, love collecting things and have a huge collection of statues related to what I do. People who know me they know how mad I am, I don’t care what people think of me and I don’t want to. I teach my daughter the same thing to live life on her terms. I love travelling, seeing new places, meeting new peopleand being around the ones where I can be myself. I ensure I don’t let my inner child die ever, I tend to be clumsy...but then again, who wants to be perfect every time!

R: What would be your perfect day?

K: I can’t have a perfect day! (Laughs) Really!! I don’t believe that there can be a perfect day...if it is a perfect day that means something is not right! (Seeing my confused expression, she further explains) I don’t like perfection and there is no fun in it, it is not challenging enough. Plus knowing me I know my life can never be perfect, there will always be fire somewhere, and I will be expected to put it out. I come across only troubled people in my life, so I suppose the day everybody’s troubles are over would be the perfect day for me because that day I would be able to sleep peacefully!

R: (laughing) you sound like a magnet for troubled people! But on a serious note, do you ever feel like giving up?

K: I give up every day. You know I would give up anything for a peaceful sleep and that is not possible since my clients or my students call me regardless of the time. There are days when I get almost 30-40 calls and it is very frustrating, I feel like running away or throwing the phone away but then I know that these are people with genuine problems and they come to me with hope and I just brush aside that feeling of giving up.

R: What advice have you been given, that has played a big impact in your life?

K: Actually, I’ve never adhered to any advice given to me (laughs) people have given me a lot of advice including my family but I never followed anything they said. I have given myself one advice and that is do not get too attached to anything or anyone in life.

R: If you were given a chance of a do-over, what would you like to change or do differently?

K: I would not want to change anything, nothing at all because all my experiences have made me who I am today. Whether good or bad, my experiences have taught me valuable lessons in life and if I change even one thing, I wouldn’t be the person I am and I wouldn’t be anyone else apart from me.

R: A normal day in the life of Karishma, the healer?

K: Wake up, make sure I speak with my students, schedule my appointments, finish all my work, end of the day put my daughter to bed and last but not the least I sleep!