Sex during pregnancy: All you need to know about myth and truth

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Sex during pregnancy: All you need to know about myth and truth
Sex during pregnancy: All you need to know about myth and truth

New Delhi : Sex during pregnancy: Sex is the basic physical need in a husband-wife relationship. However, the action of making love with partner gets a setback during pregnancy. The news of pregnancy comes with several myths, one of which is that sex during pregnancy is not safe for the soon-to-be mother and the baby in her womb. Therefore, many couple keep themselves away from the regular sex routine, thinking that it may harm the baby inside the uterus.

But, do they really need to make changes in their sex life during pregnancy? Talking to some health experts, we came up with some myth and truth associated with sex and pregnancy

In the first few months of pregnancy, she may feel uncomfortable with partner because of a lot of fatigue and nausea. But during the second trimester which starts from 3 till 6 months, the vomiting tendency usually stops and she start feeling good.

During this period, love hormone, oxytocins, begin to grow in your body, raising the desire to make love with partner.

There is nothing wrong in having sex during pregnancy and the following points clearly mention the fact.

Myth: Having sex during pregnancy can cause the foetus (baby) to suffer.

Truth: During pregnancy, the vagina itself becomes slightly larger by stretching. For this reason, heavy layers of mucous membranes are formed on the outer side of the uterus, whereby the child is safe inside the uterus during sex.

Myth: Labor pain starts after having sex

Truth: It is true that there is a certain amount of prostaglandin in the seam, which can cause you little pain. Synthetic prostaglandin is also given during delivery so that you have pain and the baby can come out easily. But the amount of seamen prostaglandin is very low, so there is no question of raising labor pain.

Myth: Bleeding after sex means having a mischief or damage.

Truth: Uterus is sensitive during this period and a little blood may emerge after sex, which is normal. But if bleeding is too much, then consult the doctor immediately.

Myth: Having sex during pregnancy can cause vaginal infections.

Truth: Don’t worry if your partner does not suffer from any sexually transmitted disease. Just maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the way.

Sex during pregnancy, instead, has lots of benefits. To mention a few are:

  • Strengthen pelvic muscles.
  • In pregnancy, blood circulation is better than sex.
  • It has immunity boost.
  • Sleep well.
  • Helps you to maintain love with your partner