Should you check style quotient while buying masks?

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Should you check style quotient while buying masks?
Should you check style quotient while buying masks?

New Delhi : This year has been all about health and hygiene. The virus outbreak has put everyone on alert, and we want to take the best preventive measures to stay safe from it.  Medical experts have recommended continuously wearing masks and sanitizing. By now, it has become our second nature to wear masks when going outside. 

On the other hand, the rising demand for masks has quickly changed the face of its market as well. There is an abundance of variety available, including designer masks in India. Understandably, it has also created some misperceptions among people regarding their choice of mask. 

Many people have started shifting towards designer masks in India. However, some people are apprehensive about it. The pandemic has brought unprecedented changes to all our lives, and it may feel overwhelming to keep up with new regulations and information regarding masks. 

Since masks are an essential step to reduce transmission, it is only fair that you make a well-informed decision while buying them. It is important to remember that an individual’s efforts go a long way in fighting a health crisis. It is in our best interest to stay updated. 

The popularity of designer masks in India does not surprise as there are options available that do not compromise over their quality or efficiency. Let’s look at some of the critical things that one must consider when looking for a mask. 

1. Comfort

A major complaint with masks has been the discomfort people experience while wearing it. It is essential to find the ones that fit well over your nose and mouth well. During the pandemic, the fear and anxiety have led to several people buying a mask in a hurry and feeling unsatisfied with it.  

A mask is supposed to protect you and others around you from being infected. If you are not comfortable with your mask, try finding one that is a more comfortable fit. There is a wide range of designer masks in India that do not compromise on the efficiency or comfort part. 

2. Breathability

It is essential to understand that a mask's breathability is vital for it to serve its purpose. A mask with lower breathability will allow air to enter around the mask instead of through it, therefore, defeating its purpose. 

It can be tiring and uncomfortable to wear a mask with low breathability. It will use up more of your energy and decrease your productivity. Hence, you must explore and choose masks that has a high breathability quotient as well as high filtration capability. There are several options available in the market today, including designer masks in India. 

3. Filtration Efficiency

In a time of a health crisis where people are getting infected rapidly every day, a logical solution is a containment at the individual level. The best way to ensure that and minimize the threat is to wear efficient masks. 

The primary function of a mask is to filter the air you breathe through it. Different kinds of masks provide a varied level of filtration. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has provided a list of approved masks with different filtration efficiency levels. Since the particles in the air are of different shapes, sizes, and properties, it is essential to understand these masks' filtering capabilities.