THESE 5 signs indicate emotional neglect in a relationship

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THESE 5 signs indicate emotional neglect in a relationship
THESE 5 signs indicate emotional neglect in a relationship

New Delhi : Relationships are meant to make us feel happy and loved but when your partner is an emotionally closed off person, things can turn difficult for your relationship. While this does not mean that your relationship won't survive but at the same time, it's important to resolve your issues before they take a turn for the worse. Emotional neglect is a common problem in relationships. Many people are unable to satisfy their partner's emotional needs and end up ignoring them which in turn makes their partner feel alone and unloved. This can do immense damage to your relationship and your mental health as well. This is why it's important to spot the signs of emotional neglect in a relationship and seek help before it's too late. Emotional neglect is not the same as emotional abuse but it still does as much damage. It is very important for both partners to be equally emotionally involved in a relationship for it to remain healthy and happy. Here are some signs of emotional neglect in a relationship.

1. We all expect our partner to provide support, love and help if and when we need it. But if your partner fails to help or support you even after asking for it, it simply means that they're unwilling and do not want to take responsibility in a relationship. Chances are that they may not even be invested in the relationship.

2. It's okay to have fights and arguments in a relationship, this helps couples communicate better and understand each other but when your partner stonewalls you or refuses to engage in a healthy argument or fight, it may a red flag that you should take seriously.

3. If your partner avoids communicating and tries to walk away or avoid eye contact during a conversation and fails to give you attention and listen to you when necessary, this may indicate that they are not equally invested in the relationship.

4. More often than not, people who don't show signs of empathy and kindness have low emotional quotient and won't be able to satisfy their partner's emotional needs. Lack of empathy in a relationship can be a sign of emotional neglect.

5. They're never sorry for anything and always tend to get defensive when you point out their mistakes. If your partner tries to get their way and put the blame on you with anger and drama, chances are that they're not as emotionally involved in the relationship because if they were, they would feel sorry for causing you pain and trouble.