Everyday activities that put you at COVID risk

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File photo [Image credit: Balance careers ]
File photo [Image credit: Balance careers ]

New Delhi : The coronavirus shut down most of the country in March and April, but now in August, there's not much that can't be done. However, safety precautions like mandatory face masks and social distancing regulations only work if most people follow them.

According to health expert, here are everyday activities from least to most risky to help you make those choices. You should avoid these things to get coronavirus.

Attending or hosting a gathering indoors

If you are attending or hosting a gathering, avoid doing so indoors. The health officials advises making sure the room or space is well-ventilated.

Taking your phone into stores

Taking your phone into a store and actively using it while shopping brings about a risk in cross-contamination when bringing the phone home. You shouldn't touch your phone unless you have used hand sanitizer.

Using cash instead of cards

Cash is typically exchanged between many hands and it can not be cleaned. Using your card is better because it can be sanitized between uses. 

Washing your hands for less than 20 seconds

Washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is important. And if you don’t do so, it is very unsafe to do so.

Wearing the same pair of gloves

If you're wearing the same pair of gloves you could just be spreading the coronavirus around. Best is not wear the same pair again and again.

Riding in someone else's car

Riding in someone else's car can be risky because it's an enclosed space. While limiting the number of people in the car and keeping the windows down can reduce risk.

Taking the elevator

Elevators are small, enclosed spaces, so it could be impossible to maintain a good six feet of distance from others. One should immediately wash hands after getting off an elevator, especially if they touched a button or railing.

Not wearing a mask in public

Sure, not wearing a mask in public is unadvised and risky. It is believed that masks protect other people from your respiratory particles more than it does you from other people's—unless they are wearing a mask, as well. 

Getting a haircut

You may be longing for a haircut after months of quarantine and according to experts, you can avoid this activity as you are in direct contact with another person for a prolonged period of time. 

Staying in any indoor public space

A restaurant, wedding venue, shops, banks with long lines. Being in a poorly ventilated indoor space with other people is dangerous. At these places you are more likely to catch the disease.